• Welcome to the European Lighting Fanatics community (or ELF for short), we are a community of like minded enthusiasts who love RGB programmable lights.

    Whilst our hobby is primarily focused on Christmas, our members do seasonal displays year round!

     This community is  a collaborative effort of like minds with a common interest in festive lighting. From expert to beginner, we are all welcome. We are not tied to any specific software or technology (though, you will find us very knowledgeable on some things more than others!). It is a quest that this community shares knowledge and expertise of all building, designing and creative ideas for this magical and luminous hobby! This community has been set up exclusively for the EU based folk, and its aim is to help prevent the confusion that is all too common in the US based groups when non US members post; especially around suppliers, definitions, voltages, regulations, and also opinions 😀 Gone are the days of EMT, Pex, 110v, "vampire plugs" and all that other malarky